Mazzeltov Farms Soap Saver Bag
Mazzeltov Farms Soap Saver Bag
Mazzeltov Farms Soap Saver Bag

Mazzeltov Farms Soap Saver Bag

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Your new favorite shower buddy!

This zero waste alternative allows you to use every little bit of your favorite soap, which is why it's also called a "soap saver". Not only that, it also doubles as an excellent exfoliator, gently exfoliating away dry and rough skin while improving circulation.

This fun and functional ramie soap bag is made from 100% natural ramie fiber.

Soap pouch. Soap saver. Soap bag. Soap sack. Whatever you call it, it's a must-have for anyone who showers or bathes with bar soap!

The concept is simple – put your bar soap or bar soap "scraps" into the bag, tighten the drawstring and use it like you would a loofah or sponge. It helps lather up the soap, is a great exfoliator, and makes soaps (especially small pieces) manageable to hold.

Once you have finished washing, there’s no need to remove the soap from your soap bag. Just simply hang it up and allow to drip dry. This is a great way to keep your soap in good condition and ensure that it will be ready for the next time you need to use it.

When using, soak it in warm water for two minutes to make the fabric soft and delicate.


Natural soap lasts longer if it is allowed to dry out between uses. To make the most of your soap and your pouch, we recommend cutting a slice off your main bar to use in the pouch rather than putting the whole bar in.

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