Mazzeltov Farms Bath Soak

Mazzeltov Farms Bath Soak

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Mazzeltov Farms goat milk bath soaks are made to create a spa like experience in your own home! Feel good knowing what you’re putting on your body is natural and HEALTHY for you.

Add 1-2 tbsp of the goat milk bath soak to warm running water, to create a bubbly, creamy, moisturizing bath!

** If you have soft water our bath soaks create a more bubbly experience, if you have hard water you may find our soaks create a more creamy, milky experience. Either way its luxurious and moisturizing!

Mazzeltov Farms goat milk bath soaks come in sustainable 7oz resealable bags, product information and ingredients are listed on every product you purchase.

This 7oz bag will provide enough for 10-15 baths depending on how much you use each time.


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